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The Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop. This is a place where new concepts and ideas are initiated, developed and evaluated.
First of all, would You like a drink? Click here for a virtual Dry Martini. Alcohol is not a shortcut to creativity, but this is a special occasion! If You visit "the Pretentious Art Gallery", do not forget to bring Your drink, and remember that no matter how many You have, You will not get a hangover. See it as the "Tamagotchi" of Dry Martinis!
Note: The drink will be served in a separate window. Click the glass for a refill. If the drink doesn't come up when You click the link above, please click here instead. (for older browsers)

Visit the Pretentious Art Gallery!
A selection of fine art, in a tasteful environment. To the gallery

Virtuell konsult: StrategiAkuten
Varför slita med tungt strategiarbete eller anlita dyra konsulter? Prova istället StrategiAkuten - långsiktiga affärsstrategier, medans Du väntar! (Page in Swedish.)

Where is Olle? Search me with this simulated system that integrates gps, gsm etc etc. Just a simulation of course!

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It's true! You can run the Mac OS on Your PC!
Are You a PC-user? Now You can run Macintosh OS 7.5 on Your PC or workstation, simply by clicking this link. Yes! The special emulator will open Macintosh OS right in this window. Are You ready for a taste of the Apple? click here

A Pattern experiment
A must for textile designers and others interested in patterns. Note how the patterns change if You change the size and proportions of the window, thereby retiling the animated squares.
When You resize the window You will probably have to do the command "RELOAD".
Pattern number one --- Pattern number two

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Film: Dansk sillunch
An animated moment for marinated herring and akvavit lovers! A computer that can show thousands of colours is preferable for this film, but a 256 colour computer will also do. QuickTime Movie
Bon appetit!

Film: A Citroën 2 CV hits the road
It'a nice sunny day at the countryside. Then, suddenly...!
click here

Christmas Greetings
The text on this page is in Swedish but the message and the movies (QuickTime and QuickTimeVR) are international. (1997)
Have a Merry, yet peaceful Christmas!

The 1998 Christmas greeting uses a simple gif animation. (250K)
Merry Christmas!

SIDs 40-årsjubileum
Future visions for the Swedish design organisation "SID". Pictures.
click here

Absolute Product Identity
Two experiments with the Absolut bottle. Pictures and Swedish text.
click here

bic pen

The classic Bic pen. French. Indispensible

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