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Many believe that decisions concerning product design, branding or communication should be based on research. But often the information provided by research companies is hard to translate into concrete decisions. Many thick reports gather dust on bookshelves instead of being put into practice. Quantitative research is hard to translate into solutions, and quantitative research can often be to vast to grasp; interesting reading but again, how do we operationalize this information?

In many projects over the years I have applied a qualitative research method from the branding and advertising world, combined with the user segmentation method "personas" often used in IT design.

The result is both relevant and inspiring. The method is qualitative, so it will tell you about the motivation behind your customers decisions - why they buy your product or embrace your message. It is also a good foundation for quantitative studies, which will give you the numeric data.

The quality of the result depends of the quality of input material. The best is to perform a suitable amount of interviews, individual or in group depending on subject, and real life observations.

Research and observation

Based on the research material, user/customer segments ("personas") are created. These are not calculated numbers of real people, but rather a clustering of attitudes and needs, labeled with a fictive person.

Persona segmentation - attitudes and needs     personas

Human beings are highly skilled in remembering faces and names, as well as the values which go along with a certain person. This effect makes the use of personas very efficient - it is easier to refer to a fictive person than to a few pages of research information.

In order to make the practical consequences more clear, the personas can be put into everyday situations. These scenarios will not only give you a deeper understanding of needs and attitudes but also give you new ideas.

situation scenarios

But how do you keep aware of your users'/customers' needs in everyday work? There are several ways. The easiest is to make your personas visible in the daily work environment, as full scale representations ("life size personas"), fake family photos on your desks etc. Depending on your needs and budget there are also more advanced methods, all serving for keeping your organisation customer oriented.

Your users and targetgroups visible in the workplace

Please contact me for more information on various methods for user and market research, business and social forecasting as well as new ways of making the results inspiring!

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