Private camera rebranding story

Some time ago I decided to get a new camera and it turned out that a model that is available both as a Leica and as a Panasonic Lumix, was what I wanted. I liked the idea that the optics company Leica and the electronics company Panasonic would collaborate like that, and let the customer choose what brand they want. And this time I should not be stingy, I should pay what it costs and get the Leica version.

This is the camera I went out to buy, the Leica D-Lux 4:

The Leica is very beautiful, but the feel in the buttons you use all the time actually appeared to be in just as cheap plastic as the Panasonic. So there was really not so much Leica feeling in using it. And at the time there was a three week wait also, so I got the less expensive Panasonic version instead, the Lumix DMC LX-3. Same camera, different brand and visual expression.

Immediately it appeared that it takes great pictures, but the feeling wasn’t right. So I took out some self adhesive plastics, made some new graphics, to converted it into a noble Voigtländer – a small quality camera brand, owned by Leica. (I let the Voigtländer graphic cover the AF light that I always keep off anyway as it makes people self-conscious.)

With an original Voigtländer see-through viewfinder, a lens cap and a vintage leather case, the illusion – I mean experience – is complete.

And of course, the reference is evident, not only to the original adventure Leica, but also to my own first SLR camera, a Voigtländer Bessamatic:

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