Expo 2010 in Shanghai – in itself

Ticket stands. You get quite a long walk before you have even entered the expo area. Everything seems to be dimensioned for millions av visitors arriving at the same time.

Everywhere fantastic expressions of contemporary architecture.

The area is already prepared for its post-expo use with boulevards and other infrastructure.

Cellphone card rechargers and dustbins.

Rusty monument over the modernistic age…

Water station according to the symbols adapted to children, women and men.

All the vehicles inside the Expo 2010 area are electric and silent.

Only some pavilions provide indications of the queuing time. World Expo organizers should learn from Disneyland, where the queuing estimates are always exaggerated.

A small part of the queue to the pavilion of Saudi Arabia. Many pavilions had similar queues and this was in the middle of the week, second week after opening.

Just the number of flags near the entrance to Expo 2010 in Shanghai is breathtaking. These are 189 national flags and 57 international organization flags.

Among the bushes I saw this thing. It seems to be a solar cell powered bug killer. Could it really be that? Quite a paradoxal thing!

Step by step description of how to wash your hands. There is always something wonderfully surreal about using pedagogical information graphics for pointing out the obvious.

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