Expo 2010 in Shanghai – highlights

The Chinese pavilion is gigantic.

The Chinese pavilion represents all the regions in China. You need a special ticket to get in, that you can only get in the morning. And then there is a queue to get in, that is proportional to the building.

This is a zoom-in of the other picture above. You can see the scale…

Another gigantic pavilion is that of South Korea. Queuing time was estimated to 2,5 hours.

The pavilion of North Korea is relatively smaller. There was no queue.

The text on the wall says ”Paradise for people”. Videos show red flags and disciplined schoolchildren.

The small and odd pavilions can be quite interesting.

This is the pavilion of Vietnam, a fantastic construction in bamboo.

This is the interior of a nomad tent in the Qatar pavilion.

In the Iranian pavilion there is a small café where you can have some red Iranian tea. Then you get this lovely serving. A virtual visit to a fascinating country you can hope to visit sometime in the future.

The rest of the Iranian pavilion is devoted to tourism and handicraft, as so many others.

The pavilion of Kyrgyzstan was a quite beautiful experience!

Brunei Darussalam exterior.

Brunei Darussalam – like in many other pavilions, fantastic and futuristic projects.

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