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Truth under cover

My friend Per Grankvist recently published a new book about the reasons why people are lying, ”Lögnarna” (The Liars, at this point only in Swedish). As a suitable present to celebrate, I produced this book cover for him that fits most pocketbooks and allows you to appear as a person who is deeply involved in […]

Embrace the unknown!

Time is ripe for smart things

I am happy to see that the market is getting ready for ’smart things’, that I worked on a bit in the 1990’s. Now there is technology, context and demand! FLIC is a wonderful example. It’s simply a button that you can use to control a chosen function on your smartphone. The most simple example […]

81 Cantonese proverbs in one view

Just one example of how you can visualise so many things at the same time if you choose to be visual. Information graphics can be cultural, beautiful and inspirational, not only vessels of facts. Don’t you recognise the proverbs? Totally understandable if you, like me, are not Cantonese… All communication, including visual, depends on the […]

How broad a brand?

Visiting the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014, I found this stand with Canada Goose Home bedroom products; duvets, pillows, bedding and blankets. So Canada Goose has decided to extend their brand of down jackets and sportswear into the bedroom. On one point I wonder how the intensity of mountain sports activities goes together with […]

Tatra – futurism on four wheels

Will there ever be cars like this built again? In the picture, a Tatraplan from 1952 in the vehicle museum in Mlynica, Slovakia. The later Tatra 603 is not bad either. Watch a wonderful commercial from 1962 here (YouTube).


I never get tired of Douglas Adams’ and John Lloyd’s book The deeper meaning of Liff, a dictionary of things that there aren’t words for yet, where geographical names are given new meaning. According to them, a “botswana” is “Something which is fruitfully used for a purpose other than that for which it was designed. […]


I have been invited to talk at a TEDx event here in Stockholm, on the 17th of April. TEDx is a format for local TED events. Visit TED here. Info about TEDx Norrmalm here.