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No filter, just Denmark

A still early april evening on the coast of Denmark can take your breath, even 15 minutes from the national airport!

A diet with appetite to continue

A good diet should not only help you to break bad routines, it also should motivate you to form new and healthier habits. It should be a pleasure when you do it, it should make you want to continue, and there should be a plan for the continuation. Otherwise you probably will go right back […]

When innovation is to preserve as is

To be more creative, disruptive and innovative in as many areas as possible, except this one. For 2013, that is my little plan!

New business cards

I just got my new business cards. They look just like the old ones, but this time I chose real offset printing instead of digital. Real stuff. Feels good. I also uppdated the professional section of my website. If I wasn’t already crew cut, I would go to the hairdressers too.

Open for business

I am now officially open for business. My objective is to make companies and their offerings more competitive through innovation based on inspiring customer/consumer/user insights. Primary tools will be persona- and scenario methods, sensemaking and creative prototyping together with classic and new strategy development methods. The picture shows a traditional Swedish kiosk (newsstand/sweetstall) which has […]

This is Sweden!

Olle Westling, the father of Daniel, makes his speech of the father at the wedding of princess Victoria and his son, with the love of a proud father, with no notice of this being a royal wedding in live television but with full focus on the spouses. He gives his thanks for the dinner and […]

Expo 2010 in Shanghai, first glimpse

The world expo of 2010 in Shanghai has only been open for a week. I thought it would be a good idea to come here while everything is fresh and while the weather is not too hot. Yesterday it was raining, today the weather was fine. Those who visit later on may have the benefit […]

Shanghai at 431 km/h

My first impression of Shanghai, and China, is friendly and efficient. Like the Maglev train from the airport which reaches 431 km/h before it has to slow down again. With buttons ranging from sad face to happy face you can rate your experience of the passport control officer. Signage is clear and evident, complemented with […]

Servings on airplanes

Flying with Turkish Airlines, Stockholm-Shanghai via Istanbul, I thought it would be a good occasion to ask for a real raki. To have some local benefit of the detour. And they gave me this: one glass with raki, one glass with mineral water and one glass of ice. As in many countries in the mediterranean […]

My talk at TEDxNorrmalm

The video has now been published on YouTube. To see my talk at TEDxNorrmalm, 17th of april 2010, click the image or this link. Welcome!

My TEDx Norrmalm talk in brief

My talk was basically about my experiences from several creative areas, and the pattern I have seen when putting these on top of each other. Instead of a PowerPoint I used the blue and red glove so that the audience could follow the idea and make up their own minds on the pattern I am […]

My TEDx Norrmalm PowerPoint

Those of you who missed my TEDx talk might want to see the presentation material. Well, here it is: And here’s the script: More information and movies coming soon!

TEDx Norrmalm

TEDx Norrmalm, Stockholm 2010 04 17. More info soon!


In 1987 a friend of mine and I went on an Interrail trip across Europe. One of the places that we visited was Budapest. It was the summer before starting my industrial design studies at Konstfack. This is one of the pictures I took on this trip, one of the first of my today rather […]

Three brands I love, and three I use

Here you can see three of my personal favourite brands. I love Apple. I watch Steve Jobs talks and on a bad day I can even find courage from a commercial like this. Everything Apple does comes from a vision that is so much larger than the company. I used to be a fanatic user […]

The holy pub institution

Last autumn I went on a train trip through Great Britain, from north to south. On this beautiful trip I saw several times, across the country, pubs being left when their surroundings had changed. The whole block may have been torn down to the ground, but the pub stays. If not large industrial or office […]

Private camera rebranding

Some time ago I decided to buy a new camera, and suddenly I found myself in a private badge engineering project. And of course it turned out that changing the logo had a good effect in itself, but only after adding a couple of other elements the experience was complete. The feeling you have for […]

What really works

I once saw a lecture by Nitin Nohria at Harvard on the subject of this headline. It was about research that he with colleagues had done on successful companies and their strategies. It cooked down to a few very simple rules, and if I were to condense them again, into one sentence, that would be […]

Surprising candleholders

A few years ago I made these candleholders by cutting off a pair of boat horns. When I started using them I was surprised by the strong formal effect of the candle holders being flush with the candles themselves. I think it’s a good example of how the effect of a certain feature often doesn’t […]