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What’s the point with concept development?

You know the feeling. The day you rode your bicycle without help. When you knew who to marry, or where to go on vacation. Everything became so easy. Your powers went in one clear direction. And you knew why. That is basically what I offer clients and collaborators. Clarity and confidence. When you see the […]

Will 3D printing inspire neo art deco?

In 2019, the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in Amsterdam will have a new stainless steel bridge. It has taken six months for four robots to 3D print it. With the freedom of form of 3D printing, is this the start for a new era of art deco? Rococo? Bolidismo? Read about the project here on Designboom.

When old technology meets new

Fascinating things happen when you combine old and new technology, such as putting vintage lenses on a modern camera. Or as in this extreme case, going back to the origins of photography by making a simple camera obscura, that is basically just a little hole (0,4 mm) without any lens what so ever. The modern, […]

A diet with appetite to continue

A good diet should not only help you to break bad routines, it also should motivate you to form new and healthier habits. It should be a pleasure when you do it, it should make you want to continue, and there should be a plan for the continuation. Otherwise you probably will go right back […]

IFIA World Innovation Conference/Congress

For two days, August 25-26th 2015, inventors from all over the world have met in Stockholm to discuss challenges and opportunities. Some examples of issues: The role of the inventor in industry and society The relationship between education, culture and creativity Misconceptions of what innovation is leading to governments investing in large amounts in research […]

Wheel re-invented outside box

You should always be careful with what you say. Seemingly harmless expressions can keep you from opportunities. Luckily, Gilad Wolf ”thought out of the box” and ”re-invented the wheel”! It’s a wheel primarily for wheelchairs, but it has already been tested on bicycles. And the new thing is that the suspension is in the three […]

Enter Makerspace

Soon Stockholm Makerspace will open. I can’t wait! I have always enjoyed building and modifying stuff and now there be a place you can go and not only build physical things in the workshop but also network with others! Stockholm Makerspace has been created through crowd funding by FundedByMe and I have also made a […]

Cordial Business Model Summit 2010

This year’s Business Model Summit, held by Cordial Business Advisers yesterday, was inspiring in many ways. To have a good business model has always been important but today the complexity calls for a closer attention and more creativity. The media industry and music industry are maybe the most obvious examples of industries in urgent need […]

Ten years with personas

Last friday Rósa Guðjónsdóttir defended her doctoral thesis Personas and Scenarios in Use. The thesis is based on professional experiences and the work in a European research project, Nepomuk.and it describes how personas were used as a tool for communication and acceptance in an organisation. You can find the thesis here. So what’s ”personas”? In […]

What is customer value anyway?

There have been many attempts to explain what value is, and the difference between the seller’s and the buyers’ product. Here’s another one! For the seller the deal is about costs and revenue, for the buyer it’s about the perceived value. Only what is perceived has a value for the buyer, the customer. Again, the […]

Customer value margin

A few days ago I attended a seminar at Transformator, a Swedish service design agency. They showed a very inspiring presentation with concrete and tangible examples – very refreshing in a design area that is still under development and where still most of its stakeholders seem to have a different view of what service design […]

Customer experience feedback

Both when entering and when leaving China you can rate your experience of the passport control officer, from sad face ”not satisfied” to happy face ”greatly satisfied”. Basically a good initiative and a nice gesture. But it also raises questions. You say that you cannot measure without affecting the result. This apparatus makes people conscious […]

Visualization is coming!

This Monday I attended the Visual Forum 2010 in Norrköping, co-located with the EuroGraphics 2010 conference. There seems to be a growing interest in visualization, and specifically in Norrköping they are just about to open the Norrköping Visualization Center. With visualization as a theme you might expect a lot of designers and communication people at […]

My talk at TEDxNorrmalm

The video has now been published on YouTube. To see my talk at TEDxNorrmalm, 17th of april 2010, click the image or this link. Welcome!

Our biological fundament

A long time ago I took this picture, and I have used it many times since, discussing our biological fundament for how we perceive and consume. How humans in their natural environment spend a large part of the day chatting, thus stimulating their brains so that they can think fast when a lion shows up! […]

My TEDx Norrmalm talk in brief

My talk was basically about my experiences from several creative areas, and the pattern I have seen when putting these on top of each other. Instead of a PowerPoint I used the blue and red glove so that the audience could follow the idea and make up their own minds on the pattern I am […]

The golden circle – a new approach

It seems like in today’s media world, many companies, organisations and individuals are struggling to improve their communication skills. They are trying to clarify their message, formulate information goals, developing ways to show the difference in how they do things differently than others. Which is fine! But not so often do you hear about a […]

And then the senses on top of that…

Twenty years ago there was a tea and coffee store in the block where I was living, and what always struck me when visiting it was that there was no particular smell of coffee in the shop. Today this would of course be impossible; a well dosed smell of coffee is expected in a coffee […]

Understanding complexity

A friend of mine once said ”reality can by cut in many angles”, which in its simplicity is so true! Every object, situation and aspects can be perceived and judged in so many ways, depending on your background experience, context etc. Once I made this drawing as a metaphor for how companies work. Just as […]

Clear and obvious – or effective?

In the old industrial world you would look for the linear connections. If I do this, I will have that result. You would set a goal and then set up a linear process and work with determination towards that goal. Same thing in communication. You would define what you do and then formulate how you […]

When experience and physics merge

Holistic, integrated product development – what does that mean? Well, if you want to be successful today and tomorrow, if you want to be innovative and competitive, then it will be too slow, inefficient and irrelevant to first develop a physical functionality and then try to powder on some experience values. You will need to […]

The creative team

In the old industrial context, there was less need for collaboration. You could develop a structural platform first, than have some ”creatives” powder on some elements of beauty, experience and understanding. Today, and tomorrow, those components are hard to separate, and competencies need to work together. You can more rarely separate one dimension from the […]

From badge to brand

Branding is not just about the logotype. Not even the logotype is just about the logotype. That’s what every branding expert will tell you. And they’re right! But still, once you have managed to build a certain image and confidence, it is striking how strong the effect can be in changing both expectations and experience. […]

Attraction and interest

Design often deals with two parallel aspects: making things more obvious and making things more attractive and interesting. For a true modernist the choice is simple: always aim for maximum clarity and remove everything else. And there are so many areas which still have a long way to go before reaching basic acceptable level of […]

The Shift – first draft continued

This shift in focus is also compatible with the idea of our brains being split in two parts. Even though the brain physically is much more complicated than that, it’s a handy model for discussing different ways of thinking. Maybe also for discussing the competencies needed in this new context. Again, I think it is […]

The Shift – first draft

Here is a first rough illustration of the shift in various areas. Of course this model is very simplified and I want to point out the aspects which are increasingly in focus, not an absolute truth! Obviously the later aspects don’t replace the earlier. But for me the change of focus is quite evident. You […]

The meaning of service

Service design is a rapidly growing area that today gets a lot of the attention concerning value creation and cross collaboration. And design. Which is good. In area after area, the potential in developing things and expressions that people actually want, as well as the need of collaboration between competencies in order to create that […]

Surprising candleholders

A few years ago I made these candleholders by cutting off a pair of boat horns. When I started using them I was surprised by the strong formal effect of the candle holders being flush with the candles themselves. I think it’s a good example of how the effect of a certain feature often doesn’t […]

The white stone and the sleeping one

During my time as a guest researcher at KTH/CID* I led a project where we imagined future use of IT in a social context. Will interactive television affect future sitting room design, was one of our research questions. To visualise one of our conclusions, that new communication channels seldom replace but rather complement others, we […]

Observation for innovation

If I were to choose one favourite TED talk, it would not be easy but finally I think it would have be this one: Jan Chipchase (March 2007). Jan Chipchase is hired by Nokia to travel around the world with his team, observe and document behaviour and cultural expressions as a basis for Nokias future […]