My best tips for Expo 2010 visitors

Keep these things in mind if you are planning to visit Expo 2010 in Shanghai:

  • You can buy 1 day tickets (adults 160 RMB) at the entrance but not 3 or 7 day tickets.
  • You can buy 3 and 7 day tickets in some banks or Expo 2010 offices
  • If you already have a ticket you can enter from the subway, if you need to buy one you first have to exit to street level at Yaohua station, where the ticket booths are.
  • You need a special ticket for visiting the Chinese pavilion, which they said you can get at 9 o’clock in the morning. The enormous Chinese pavilion in itself seems to be enough for several hours including queuing.
  • Many of the large pavilions had a 2,5-3 hour queue when I was there in early May. Be prepared that the queuing time might be longer at peak season. Plan your visit so you can be early to your favourite pavilion.
  • Many people carry umbrellas to get shade from the sun. Not so stylish but a very good idea if you will spend a couple of hours in a queue with no shade.
  • The ”Theme pavilion” offered great experiences with no queues. (in early May)
  • You will get a map when you enter. I asked for one at some volunteer stand but for some reason they just had other brochures.
  • Prepare to do a lot of walking. Just buying a ticket and entering is quite a long walk.

Updated 2010 05 24

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