Does it matter what we call things?

Brexit - remain - leave

Words, words, words… Does it matter what we call things?

When Sweden voted to join the EU, one of the pro campaigns used the slogan ”It’s more fun to say yes!”. If that had any positive – or negative (!) – effect we will never know.

But we know that the UK referendum on staying or leaving the EU has been labelled with a word which suggests leaving but sounds much more positive and catchy. Soon it was not so much about ”remaining” or ”leaving” as ”Yes Brexit” or ”No Brexit”. Isn’t it more fun to say yes?

Also ”leave” has a tone of uncertainty and sadness, while ”remain” sounds more dull but also safe. Without the Brexit concept, would perhaps some uncertain voters have chosen the less challenging alternative, to remain?

No matter if these effects have been minor or significant, the concept developers on the leaving campaigns have done a good job in their cause. The consequences will affect us all; in what way is yet to see.

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