IFIA World Innovation Conference/Congress

Views on innovation 2015

Mr Alireza Rastegar, president of IFIA

For two days, August 25-26th 2015, inventors from all over the world have met in Stockholm to discuss challenges and opportunities. Some examples of issues:

  • The role of the inventor in industry and society
  • The relationship between education, culture and creativity
  • Misconceptions of what innovation is leading to governments investing in large amounts in research – which produces knowledge – and very little in the individuals and processes which lead to actual products. To convert scientific discoveries into commercially viable inventions is a good idea but the focus for achieving this is different from the typical focus of science.
  • A broader scope for innovation, including services and and social innovations
  • The conflict between following your passion and making a living as an inventor
  • Patents and other intellectual property, where many inventors get stuck. When to patent and when to rather start with marketing and so on.
  • Occasional discoveries and inventions versus the work of ”serial inventors”
  • How to connect the inventor and the entrepreneur
  • The writing in the testemony of Alfred Nobel stating that the physics prize should be awarded to both discoveries and inventions, while the prize almost always has been awarded to scientific discoveries.

What’s your view on innovation?

Olle Torgny supported the Swedish organisers in the planning and including design of the ”Views on innovation” logo and tagline, which serves as a common umbrella for the contributing organisations.

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