Time is ripe for smart things

FLIC smart button which can e.g. control a chosen cell phone function

I am happy to see that the market is getting ready for ’smart things’, that I worked on a bit in the 1990’s. Now there is technology, context and demand! FLIC is a wonderful example.

It’s simply a button that you can use to control a chosen function on your smartphone. The most simple example is to use it as a remote control for the camera, but there is much more to it! The FLIC team has made a nice integration of system, smartphone app and a physical object. With the courage to limit the functionality to a focused essence, they have achieved a very interesting product.

On Indiegogo they have raised $214.645 in 8 days (2014 11 25). More info and direct link to a presentation movie.  On Internet Discovery Day, they were even granted 250 000 SEK from ALMI as support to their venture!

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