How broad a brand?

Visiting the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014, I found this stand with Canada Goose Home bedroom products; duvets, pillows, bedding and blankets. So Canada Goose has decided to extend their brand of down jackets and sportswear into the bedroom. On one point I wonder how the intensity of mountain sports activities goes together with the desired serenity of the bedroom. But clearly, the brand has a well known credibility in producing high quality down and textile products…

Another interesting concept is the one of Buster+Punch. Interested in motocycles as I am I immediately spotted the beautifully built café racer in their stand, with many nice details in machined brass. Using the same materials and methods, Buster+Punch also makes special furniture, like the Rock star whisky bar at the back, and a range of light fittings and other hardware.

Many dream of having a motorcycle customization business, and okay, sometimes I also reflected on this. But the question is how to make this sustainably profitable; probably you need to offer other, more fast moving products. Examples of this are the Danish motorcycle builders Wrenchmonkees, extending their brand to clothing and accessories, and Spanish El Solitario who apart from custom bikes offer everything from clothing to jewellery and art.
I think that the concept of Buster+Punch is a good example with relevance in the machined brass parts. You may not buy the motorcycle, but you can enjoy a bit of the ruggedness and quality in the safety of your own home.

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