Enter Makerspace

Soon Stockholm Makerspace will open. I can’t wait! I have always enjoyed building and modifying stuff and now there be a place you can go and not only build physical things in the workshop but also network with others! Stockholm Makerspace has been created through crowd funding by FundedByMe and I have also made a small contribution through my company.

Stockholm Makerspace

Physical prototyping is not only a pleasure and a natural part of industrial design. It’s also a good way for people to broaden the perspective on your work. When you have a physical prototype you can see the consequences of your solution, interact with it and discuss it with others. Which I have taught in several contexts, for example a few times at the Physical interaction design and realization course at KTH.

Physical interaction design and realization course

Interactive chair with various sensors and colour variable lights, from the ”Physical interaction design and realization course” at KTH.

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