Brilliant hack!

Book shelf based on the IKEA stool "Frosta"

Swiss designer Andreas Bhend is specialised in ”hacking” IKEA furniture, for example the shelf above made from Frosta stools. Actually, since the 70’s IKEA has been encouraging people to modify their products or use them in another way than the obvious. For example a friend of mine uses a bookshelf as a coffee table, and a couple of stacked coffee tables as a bookshelf!

Bhends designs require power tools (read more here), but you can actually get quite far only by altering the assembly instructions! I think the trend of ”hacking”, modifying and building things instead of just buying things as they are, will be more and more popular as people get tired of anonymous, mass produced products…

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  2. By Michael on jun 18, 2013 | Reply

    Lite roligt för jag gjorde också ett hack på en FROSA pall för ett tag sedan. Mest (eller bara) på skoj.

    Vi hörs efter sommar och kollar om vi spånat ut något!
    Bada och må bra nu!

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