Nature abhors a vacuum

Stripe decoration on the back of a motorhome

I have always wondered what goes on in the minds of the people that design caravans and motor homes. Especially the graphics which form a genre of its own. Visiting a fair for these vehicles gave a lot of interesting impressions, but ended in more new questions than answers.

What’s the point of the stripe above? That ”Nature abhors a vacuum”? Or that it might cheer up the cars in the queue behind?

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  2. By Anders on mar 7, 2011 | Reply

    I was working with a caravan project a few year ago. And the research showed that the majority buyers of a caravan or a mobile home already own one. It’s a very traditional business. Companies have tried to make contemporary design but the consumers reject it. And the result is as you saw – it looks almost as last year design.

    Their problem is to attract new target groups. I could guess that the buyers who never owned a caravan probably have parents owning one…

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