Mediocrity 2011 – irony by Subaru

My favourite of japanese car manufacturers, Subaru, is currently running a wonderful viral campaign where they present the fictive ”Mediocrity 2011”. Subaru intends to market itself as the Japanese car manufacturer with integrity, that sticks out. You may argue on the exterior expression of Subaru’s, but as a whole they are quite different with rumbling boxer engines and four wheel drives on road cars since long before anyone could even spell ”quattro”.

The website is wonderful beige on beige, and the irony is music to my ears:

”When we came up with this idea we thought; ’Let’s not come up with any other ideas. This idea is good enough.”

However, I thought that the fictive ”Mediocrity 2011” had a grille that was not bland enough. It’s actually a bit provoking, it even sticks out. So I made this sketch of an even more ordinary grille:

The Mediocrity 2011 to the left and my even more mediocre suggestion to the right

The Mediocrity 2011 to the left and my bland grille suggestion to the right.

Visit the hilarious website here; you can also see the movie here.

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