One hand does not know what..

Winter has struck Sweden harder than in many years and of course the railroad companies, working under SJ, Swedish Railroads, get a lot of attention. Will they cope with the upcoming weather conditions or will we face the same disastrous delays as last year?

This week the state owned real estate company Jernhusen, owning the Swedish railway stations, are celebrating the opening of a new central escalator in the central station, with cake and balloons. I think it’s great to have a central escalator, until now the staircases have been quite hidden aside. And it is wonderful to see the usually so confident Stockholm people confused by the new routes contrary to their habitual mental model.

I know that Jernhusen and SJ are separate organisations, but still I could not help taking this picture yesterday. At the bottom: cake and balloons over a new escalator, and at the top a crowd of hundreds of people gazing at the information board for information about their possibly delayed train…

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