Cordial Business Model Summit 2010

This year’s Business Model Summit, held by Cordial Business Advisers yesterday, was inspiring in many ways. To have a good business model has always been important but today the complexity calls for a closer attention and more creativity.

The media industry and music industry are maybe the most obvious examples of industries in urgent need to rethink their offerings, revenue models and how to deliver on reasonable internal cost. These areas were discussed as well as how a good business model can help small start-ups like Odd Molly and Student Consulting AB to grow exponentially.

Even the recent change of government in Sweden was a result of creative business model rethinking when the right wing parties organised themselves around a common effort!

While watching these interesting discussions I could not help thinking about a totally different thing. As I had designed some of the graphics I was happy to have put full attention to detail when they now were shown at large scale.

I guess that goes for both business models and graphic design; you need to both see the large picture and keep up the quality in detail.

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