What a wicked wicket!

Some time ago I checked in for a flight at one of the terminals of Arlanda airport, and I was confronted with this peculiar thing. A small piece of (maybe bullet-proof) glass separating the customer and the staff.

I found two things interesting about this. Firstly I wonder what went on in the minds of the people who designed this apparently useless protection. Secondly I was intrigued to find that both the clerk and myself still would pass receipts and boarding cards through that silly little slot. Benevolent desire to comply?

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  2. By Jordi on jan 19, 2011 | Reply

    There’s got to be a reason. Maybe not for protecting the person at the desk, but probably to protect the computer? It’d be easy to steal the barcode gun or the keyboard if nobody’s there… with that you’ve to go on the luggage belt. Just guessing… nice blog.

  3. By Olle Torgny on jan 20, 2011 | Reply

    It might make it slightly more difficult to reach the keyboard from outside. Or maybe it was a result of some old law. Or just make the desk simply look more familiar, like a wicket.
    It might have been built at a time when the desks at the banks were still behind sheets of glass…

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