I never get tired of Douglas Adams’ and John Lloyd’s book The deeper meaning of Liff, a dictionary of things that there aren’t words for yet, where geographical names are given new meaning. According to them, a “botswana” is “Something which is fruitfully used for a purpose other than that for which it was designed. A fishknife used to lever open a stubborn tin of emulsion is a fine example of a botswana.”

A key card as key ring - a wonderful botswana

On a recent visit to Helsinki I stayed at a hotel where they used key cards as key rings. So the doors had ordinary locks, but to turn on the lights you needed to put the key card in it’s socket. What a wonderful compromise solution. And a terrific botswana!

I strongly recommend The deeper meaning of Liff, also for those who just like me have failed to become fond of Adams’ other works. And I recommend Helsinki for mind expanding experiences!

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  2. By Zigge on jan 19, 2011 | Reply

    Completely outstanding picture! Few images may have a simpler and clearer view of the gap between users and producers of new technology. Although this is just a form of low tech. It’s something of a worldwide scam that people have been lured to buy expensive and complicated machines just to pay bills and email. It’s almost a class issue to master The Machine. I amuse myself sometimes by thinking what the future will call the epoch that we live in…

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