Planning of chemical plant 2010

A few weeks ago I assisted in a workshop for the chemical company Perstorp AB, the Warrington production site. They had found that their offices and production units were too spread out and that they needed to re-arrange parts of the plant according to new needs.

As you know the world has changed and today it is not only a practical work of architects and engineers to plan a chemical plant. No, you have to define your long term vision, working processes and collaboration culture before you start discussing the location of each element. Hence this workshop, facilitated by the very professional and inspiring people of the creativity centre The Automatic, located at Liverpool Innovation Park. So instead of facilitating, my focus would be on the development of strong visionary metaphors. What should the new workplace be like? Like a harbour? Like a farm? Like the control-room of a nuclear plant?

A brilliant example of a new world where human software and technical hardware need to be merged into viable solutions!

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