Designed vegetables

In the daily life you don’t think so much about the origin of things. And at least myself I usually regard vegetables as something ”real” that comes from ”nature”, not as something that has been made up or ”designed”.

Last night I saw Jimmy Doherty’s tv programme about genetically modified food, about how the global food industry depends on genetically modified soya beans and how plants can be modified to resist frost or drought, as well as the possible consequences of all this.

He also showed how the wild cabbage has been bred to become cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Savoy cabbage and Brussels sprouts – they have all been bred from the same wild cabbage. That is not genetical modification but still radical, man-made, creations quite different from the origin. Humans made them what they are.

And then a friend told me that tomatoes and potatoes have the same origin only that tomatoes have been bred to be harvested over ground, while the potatoes have been bred to be dug from the soil. So then one might wonder how many vegetables that actually are ”natural”…

This reminds me about the wonderful campaign for vegetables that Swedish COOP made a couple of years ago, with vegetables that resemble human organs. At least that is something that I can understand how it was manipulated. In Photoshop!

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