What is customer value anyway?

There have been many attempts to explain what value is, and the difference between the seller’s and the buyers’ product. Here’s another one!

For the seller the deal is about costs and revenue, for the buyer it’s about the perceived value. Only what is perceived has a value for the buyer, the customer. Again, the total value of your offering is reflected in the price, if the product did not have this perceived value, the customer would keep his or her money. So we can put a measurable value on the value, as long as there is a transaction.

What’s interesting in my opinion is that some of the elements in the product are known and developed by the seller while others seem to be developed by the customer, mainly in form of expectations created beyond the sellers initiative or control. And of course, properties or qualities that are not perceived will fall out of the model and not be a part of the value.

What is the common sector of buyer/seller value in your offering?

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