USP, ESP etc.

The concept of USP, ”Unique Selling Point” or sometimes ”Unique Selling Proposition”, has been widely questioned. It has been claimed that you cannot be unique these days; you have to add something else, sometimes called ESP – ”Emotional Selling Point”.

Well, even if the idea is correct in some sense, I would argue that the discussion in itself is ”old industrial” because it is based on the idea that something unique has to be something quantitative. That the emotional or perceived aspects are ”something else”. In a contemporary holistic perspective USP and ESP is practically the same thing. Perception and experience is king.

Today you must be clear about what differentiates your product/service/offering or even yourself from others. Parts of it can be a patented technology, part of it a chosen statement. And that can be modified or enhanced by advertising, presentation or modification of the product itself. A physical feature which is not perceived does not exist.

Today there are more ways than ever to differentiate your offering, in order to avoid price competition or at least moving from the price being the only means of competing.

Keep looking for the unique and make it perceivable!

The picture was taken in Gothenburg 15 years ago. Maybe electricity was a USP for a hairdressers’ when the sign was new?

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