Our biological fundament

A long time ago I took this picture, and I have used it many times since, discussing our biological fundament for how we perceive and consume. How humans in their natural environment spend a large part of the day chatting, thus stimulating their brains so that they can think fast when a lion shows up! How we use our senses to distinguish the poisonous mushrooms from the edible ones. How we interpret all kinds of signs and impressions.

Again, the same product or offering can be perceived in so many ways. Don’t you agree that some objects give you an appetite feeling, like you’re about to eat it? And isn’t a warm sweater on a cold day a bit like running under a tree when it starts to rain? And isn’t changing a grey shirt for a yellow one a bit like changing your grim face into a smile?

What aspect of a product or an offering are we developing here? A snack, a tree or a smile?

What I learnt once, studying marketing, is that there are so many ways that you can be innovative. While Apple and IBM/Lenovo have been innovative in hardware and software, Dell has been innovative in distribution.

I don’t mean that it is necessary to explain and understand everything. Theories does not even have to be verified or true, to be useful. But through the use of theory you can see the various dimensions and then be inspired.

And that is really important, I think. The inspiration!

If you are interested, read my essay on product development from 1996 in Swedish here, Google translated into mechanical English here.

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