Yesterday I went to TEDxHumlegården, one of the TEDx events in Stockholm this week. It was very inspiring, and how could it be otherwise including such titans as the always so engaging Klas Hallberg. marketing guru Stefan Engeseth (who dared to question Apple!) and Sigge Birkenfalk, who once taught me everything about strategic communication at BerghsSOC. The majority of the other talkers, as well as the audience, came from the event and meeting industry and discussed some interesting points on that subject.

An important component in the TEDx events is that there should be shown a certain number of movies from the ordinary TED events. One of the movies shown this day was Derek Sivers short but inspiring talk on ”How to start a movement”, one of my own favourites.

Sitting there I could not help taking a picture of my fellow audience, watching a movie from a TED event, showing a movie. There is a remote risk that my photo might be a copyright infringement; the question is just to whom?

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