The next thing in bicycling?

One of mans greatest inventions is the bicycle. They say that a human being on a bicycle is the most energy efficient form of transport (in relation to weight) on earth. On the other end of the scale you find some insects.

When I was a kid, a bicycle with more than three gears was a curiosity. And in my home town there was a priest who had a ten speed bicycle. There was a lot of talk about that!

Today you can walk into any mall, supermarket even, and get a 24 gear bicycle with disc brakes and hydraulic suspension. For less money than an ”ordinary” bicycle! The fully equipped bicycle has come far beyond the saturation stage of its product life cycle. So what happens then? Well, suddenly it’s in fashion to have a bicycle with no gears, no brakes and even fixed gears, no freewheel.

When you have the choice, you can enjoy the simplicity of the minimalistic bicycle.

So what is the next step? 64 gear bicycles, or bicycles with even fixed steering as in this novelty sketch above? No, this is a good example of an area where you cannot see the future through extrapolating! But the development of the bicycle, is not finished yet!

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