TEDx Norrmalm – the other talks

Even though there was not an official theme for TEDx Norrmalm, there was definitely a common sector between the speakers. Danica Kragic, professor of Robotics and Computer Vision, talked about the work with robots and how they differ from human beings. ”Sensing is easy, perception is hard”.

Ulf Boman from Kairos Future talked about the future city, describing the shift from the modernistic urban architecture with separated functions to the future, holistic and integrated city; based on peoples behaviour. Did you know that Copenhagen is building bicycle highways, with four lanes, from the suburbs to the city centre?

Victoria Olausson used a model for storytelling that worked very well for her subject – perceptions of and attitudes to environmental issues. And Peter Ueda reminded us that physical needs in no way have lost their significance, at least not in the third world.

See the movies soon!

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