House red wine

One of the stories in my TEDx talk was from a vacation in Croatia. I had some ”house red wine” with my dinner one night and it was so good that I asked what kind of wine it was.

”- It’s house red wine.”

”- Yes, but I mean, what kind is it?”

”- No, we make it here! In the back yard!”

”- Oh.”

”- It was good, or wasn’t it?”

”- Oh, yes! ”

Wine is an area where the shift from basic commodity to branded, differentiated and storytelling experience took place a long time ago. We are so used to discussing grapes, tastes, flavours, soils and castles, so when we suddenly get across it as a commodity we get quite puzzled. The basic qualities of the product must stay, but the experience value is developed. Basically this is the development I see in big and small. This, and the common pattern between the well known theories in psychology, branding, marketing, business etc.

How far has your product or business area come in its development?

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