My TEDx Norrmalm talk in brief

My talk was basically about my experiences from several creative areas, and the pattern I have seen when putting these on top of each other. Instead of a PowerPoint I used the blue and red glove so that the audience could follow the idea and make up their own minds on the pattern I am suggesting. Some of concepts behind it are:

  • Motivational psychology: basic needs to self actualisation
  • The shift in society from industrial to post industrial
  • The shift in ideology from modernism to  postmodernism
  • The nature of the left brain and the right brain
  • The product life cycle: early introduction/growth and post maturity stage
  • Business from cost competition to value differentiation
  • From self sufficient form to experience based sense

Scientists cannot do this. They cannot map various theories on top of each other and see a pattern that is ”good enough” for giving direction and inspiration in daily work. They have to take all the exceptions into account and relate everything to the same basic assumption.

“The natural sciences are concerned with how things are. Design on the other hand, is concerned with how things ought to be.” Herbert Simon (my coloration)

In the same way, my purpose is not to prove anything but rather find a concept that may inspire people into doing new things, seing new opportunities, starting new collaborations! Those who agree, agree. Because theories are useful also for practitioners like myself.

As Kurt Lewin said: ”There is Nothing So Practical as a Good Theory:”

See all the various models in one page here and make up your own opinion. My presentation material here. The video will be published here soon.

Many thanks to Josef Conning and the others arranging TEDx Norrmalm!

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