In 1987 a friend of mine and I went on an Interrail trip across Europe. One of the places that we visited was Budapest. It was the summer before starting my industrial design studies at Konstfack. This is one of the pictures I took on this trip, one of the first of my today rather vast collection of pictures of odd and interesting objects, products, business models and brands…

On one of the shopping streets I saw this man selling pretzels, under a Lufthansa parasol. I could not help getting a bit puzzled. Was this a Lufthansa campaign? Or had he stolen the parasol at the airport? The binocular-like eyeglasses did not make the scene any less bizarre.

In the 90’s I used this picture frequently as an illustration of ”inside-out”. The man who sells the pretzels cannot see anything funny about this, as he knows the story whatever it is. But an external viewer gets puzzled. Just like many customers may be when confronted with unclear messages and offerings.

The challenge is, today as ever before, to see what you do from the beholders perspective! Outside-in!

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  2. By Martin Sjöman on apr 27, 2010 | Reply

    Jättebra exempel…och en annan aspekt på perspektivfrågan är om man lägger fokus på sändande eller mottagande. Om man främst anser sig ”kommunicera” saker eller anser sig ”bli uppfattad”.

    Hej Torgny,
    Vet inte om du sett min minipresentation ”A design strategy crash course”, men där finns lite av detta på sista sidorna.

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