The golden circle – a new approach

It seems like in today’s media world, many companies, organisations and individuals are struggling to improve their communication skills. They are trying to clarify their message, formulate information goals, developing ways to show the difference in how they do things differently than others. Which is fine! But not so often do you hear about a new perspective, a new approach in this field. In many areas, focusing on the one you are talking to rather than trying to shout through the ”noise”, is still a new thought. Sometimes you can even get a better result if you ”whisper” or do other less obvious things in order to create interest.

But there are new ways to discover! I recently ran across at talk by Simon Sinek, TEDx Puget Sound september 2009. According to Sinek there are two ways for companies and organisations to communicate. The most common is to start with what you do, and then talk about how you do it. The other way is to start with your why, then how and what. He takes Martin Luther King (”I have a dream”) and Apple as examples, and he means that the reason that this approach works so well is that it communicates more directly with the limbic system, where our decisions are made! If you use facts and arguments, your message will be slowly filtered through other parts of the brain, like the neocortex, before reaching the limbic system…

I would say that these ideas go hand in hand with those of Malcolm Gladwell and his book ”Blink”; often human beings can make more accurate judgements from intuition and first impressions while adding more information not necessarily adds accuracy. Again, a more direct communication with the limbic system. Provoking thoughts for those that still represent the old industrial, linear way of thinking.

Actually it strikes me that the rhetoric that Sinek suggests, also resembles Aristotles’ good old ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos is about credibility, pathos is about emotions and logos is about the fact based message. Maybe they knew something that we are about to realise now! Well, intuitively, that is!

See Simon Sineks inspiring talk from TEDx Puget Sound september 2009 here.

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