Understanding complexity

A friend of mine once said ”reality can by cut in many angles”, which in its simplicity is so true!

Every object, situation and aspects can be perceived and judged in so many ways, depending on your background experience, context etc. Once I made this drawing as a metaphor for how companies work. Just as when you are driving a car, several universes are present at the same time. Each of them have their own complexity, and then they appear at the same time. And on top of that, different people have a different focus depending on situation.

I often make simple, naive drawings like this one, only as a support for understanding myself or guiding a group. As you can see, you cannot read two words at the same time, but you can see these five pictures at the same time and actually understand the complexity. When you visualise as a tool it does not have to be pretty, only enough recognisable so that each symbol gets its own meaning. It’s no more or less difficult than that!

Talking about complexity and perspective, watch this!

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