The Shift – in society

By now I think that the idea of how the western world has moved from an industrial state into a post-industrial state, is rather accepted. There are plenty of interesting readings to be found on and off line. I will only refer to this briefly.

What actually interests me is how this model, this shift from one focus to another, maps to other models, like the good old product life cycle or the motivation theories of Maslow and others. I look at the things around me, products, services, politics and food recipes, and I can see the same pattern – some things are still ”modernistic” while others are ”post-modernistic”. Some are ”basic”, others contain ”experience” and ”added value”. I find this very inspiring – if you don’t get too hung up on the scientific details, you can see interesting potentials in developing the things you have at hand.

Just to give you an overview of the society shift, I made this model. Someone said that even though the step from agricultural society to the industrial was quite a big one, it was still based on the same ideals and values of efficiency and focus on what is concrete and measurable. The shift we are in now, on the contrary, challenges all aspects of the western culture.

If you click it you get to a page where I have collected the previous models.

Can you see the pattern?

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