The holy pub institution

Last autumn I went on a train trip through Great Britain, from north to south. On this beautiful trip I saw several times, across the country, pubs being left when their surroundings had changed. The whole block may have been torn down to the ground, but the pub stays. If not large industrial or office buildings have been built around it. You step into a pub that obviously is a couple of hundred years old, while the rest of the building is from the 50’s or so. How do they do that? They carefully cut away the parts of the building that is not the pub, and then raise a new building around it? All with the respect you may give a religious shrine.

I think this is a good example of a human creation that has become more than just what it ”is”. It’s not only seats and glasses and bottles. It’s something more than its parts. 1+1=3. It’s an institution.

And the difference is what I would call an ”experience”.

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