The Shift – first draft continued

This shift in focus is also compatible with the idea of our brains being split in two parts. Even though the brain physically is much more complicated than that, it’s a handy model for discussing different ways of thinking. Maybe also for discussing the competencies needed in this new context.

Again, I think it is important to point out that the shift of focus does not mean that the other aspects loose their value completely. The challenge for tomorrow is not to obtain enough right hemisphere thinking, but to obtain the fruitful interaction between the two, that is the ideal model for real creativity. A part of this effect can be achieved by change of education and career management of individuals, but the large part is about learning to collaborate and use not only each others expertise from various areas but also various ways of thinking. That was one of the major conclusions I found during my time as a researcher in creativity and cross competence collaboration in the 90’s.

If a wildly imaginative person manages to collaborate with a strictly analytic person, they can achieve great things. Many initiatives have been taken to bring down the imaginary wall between ”left” and ”right” areas in education, but the journey has just begun.

When will medical schools offer art classes, and art schools offer mechanical engineering? One day they will!

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