Cut costs, not meaning

Today is the second day of ”The redesigning business summit” in London, with many fresh thoughts in the field between design and business.

The major theme is how design and business development will act after this recession. People will not consume as they did before. They will be more conscious about their spending but they will not compromise on the design and meaning qualities. So as Roberto Verganti, Professor of Management and innovation at Politecnico di Milano suggests, people that find leather shoes too expensive will not buy plastic ones but rather shift meaning and buy sneakers.

Verganti also presents the following model on future product development, based on meaning rather than technological breakthroughs. Interesting!

Music to my ears, or what do you think?

Read more about Vergantis talk and others at Core77.
Read more about the The redesigning business summit here.

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  2. By Helena on mar 12, 2010 | Reply

    I Stockholm, London & Milano kanske man byter skosort när det vanliga blir för dyrt. Men här ute i provinsen satsar vi på bättre kvalité på läderskorna och lagar istället för slänger. Här har den ekonomiska krisen nämligen lett till ett uppsving för skomakare; se

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