Observation for innovation

If I were to choose one favourite TED talk, it would not be easy but finally I think it would have be this one: Jan Chipchase (March 2007). Jan Chipchase is hired by Nokia to travel around the world with his team, observe and document behaviour and cultural expressions as a basis for Nokias future innovation. Please note that Nokia has shifted product area several times from rubber boots and tires to TV sets and mobile phones. So Chipchase’s assignment is to take a broader look than just mobile phones, as Nokia might need to change again.

I find this approach very inspiring, as I have always thought that innovation should be based on understanding of human behaviour and needs. So I have been taking photos with a similar mission for 20 years, like this one from a trip to Japan in 1988 (it doesn’t need any explanation does it?). Only that Jan Chipchase, and his team, do this as a full time job! Follow his work and be inspired here.

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