A fruit plate by Jacob Jensen, in a way

Jacob Jensen, creator of the design language that made Bang&Olufsen world famous in the 60’s, also designed this fruit plate. Well, in a way.

Jensen developed his linear and modernistic design language during the 60’s. The design was based on great attention to choice of materials, surfaces and graphic design, and it did not look like anything people had seen before. Radios and stereos had up to then looked like pieces of furniture, but Jensen searched the ”true” expression of home electronics. So this design was truly innovative.

Once I rescued a beautiful Bang&Olufsen stereo, a Beocenter 7700 from 1982, which was destined for the trash. It was beyond all hope due to wear and tear. But the turntable disc was in good condition so I ripped it off, added a support and now I use it as a fruit plate.

It is true that Jacob Jensen directed the shapes of this beautiful aluminium disc as a turntable, but actually not as a fruit plate. What a Jacob Jensen fruit plate would look like we can only guess. I am not saying it would look very different. Modernist designers typically deal primarily with shapes rather than telling stories. A beautiful shape is a beautiful shape.

So is this a Jacob Jensen design? I think a modernist, believing in the value of formal expression in itself would say yes. A postmodernist I think would say no. What do you think?

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  2. By Helena on mar 5, 2010 | Reply

    For the postmodernists, deconstruction was the key to everything, and they did not believe in objective thruths. So according to them, I believe the answer would lie in the eye of the beholder.

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